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HELIA - HELMED LINE IMMUNOASSAY ANALYZER HELIA is an automated analyzer for line immunoassays. The HELIA system is able to perform all immunoblot processing steps, and due to an integrated camera module, it is able to read and report immunoblot results.

AESKUBLOTS Autoimmunity

  • ANA-17 Pro
  • ANA-17 comp
  • Vasculitis Pro ​
  • Myositis Pro
  • Liver Pro
  • Gastro Pro

AESKUBLOTS Infectious Serology

  • Borrelia-G
  • Borrelia-M


  • Allergy One
  • Allergy Two
  • Allergy Three​
  • Allergy Four
  • Allergy Five
  • Allergy Six
  • Allergy Seven
  • Allergy Eight​
  • Allergy Nine
  • Allergy Ten

AESKUBLOTS Food Intolerance

  • Food Intolerance One
  • Food Intolerance Two
  • Food Intolerance Three
  • Food Intolerance Four
  • Food Intolerance Five
  • Food Intolerance Six
  • Food Intolerance Seven